Cylinder Fills

We are a Canadian Air Purity Inspection Program approved air station. We maintain a high quality standard that can be trusted. Nitrox refills are available in different mixes, using medical grade O2. Nitrox tanks are also available for rental.

Adventure Divers' Tank Fill Policy:

We will happily fill your cylinder in a timely fashion. Proof of the following is required:

  • Diver Certification 
  • Non Divers Tank clearly identified for "Paintball Use Only"
  • Current hydro stamp - every 5 years from date of manufacturing
  • Current Visual Inspection (VIP sticker) done annually
  • All tanks must be stamped with TC marking (Transport Canada)
  • We choose Not to fill or service Aluminum tanks Manufactured prior to 1990
Cylinder Fills Price
Cylinders serviced by Adventure Divers $12.00
Pain Ball and Scott Bottles $20.00
Nitrox Fill 32% - 40% $25.00