Adventure Diver Services

Adventure Divers offers full on site servicing for most regulator brands including: ScubaPro, AquaLung, Apeks, Mares, Oceanic, Genesis, Sherwood, Atomic, & Hollis. Our Regulator Technicians are well trained and very knowledgeable. They will service your Regulator, Octo and Gauges as if they were their own. There is no substitute for having your life support equipment serviced by an expert.

Air and Nitrox Fills

We are a Canadian Air Purity Inspection Program approved air station. We maintain a high quality standard that can be trusted. Nitrox refills are available in different mixes, using medical grade O2. Nitrox tanks are also available for rental.

Adventure Divers' Tank Fill Policy:

We will happily fill your cylinder in a timely fashion.  Proof of the following is required: 

  • Diver Certification 
  • Non Divers Tank clearly identified for "Paintball Use Only"
  • Current hydro stamp - every 5 years from date of manufacturing
  • Current Visual Inspection (VIP sticker) done annually
  • All tanks must be stamped with TC marking (Transport Canada)
  • We choose Not to fill or service Aluminum tanks Manufactured prior to 1990


Cylinder Visual Inspection

This inspection is required yearly by the Canadian Department of Transportation. Our inspection includes full visual inside and outside tank and valve for any damages or corrosion. The threads are cleaned and checked for cracks and a new neck o-ring is installed if needed.

Scuba Cylinder Hydrostatic Test

Required every 5 years.  Allow two weeks turn around time.

Pricing Tables

Member Air Fills up to 80 cu ft $8.00
Non Member Air Fills, Paintball and Scott Bottles$10.00
Nitrox Fill 32% - 40%$16.00
Visual Inspection (Yearly)$17.50Next Day Service
Hydrostatic Inspection / Burst Disc (Every 5 Yrs)$48.50Two Week Turnaround
Cylinder 02 Cleaning$35.00Two Week Turnaround
Cylinder Valve Rebuild$25.00Next Day Service
RUSH SERVICE$25.00(EXTRA) Plan Ahead
Regulator Overhaul (1st & 2nd Stage)$75.00Drop Off
Octo Overhaul$25.00Drop Off
RUSH SERVICE$25.00(EXTRA) Plan Ahead