Adventure Divers carries numerous brands and styles of Regulators.  We service every brand we sell.  You can have confidence in our reccommendations for all your diving needs.

Featured Regulator: Scubapro MK11/S560 $719.99  Designed for divers seeking reliable performance in an uncomplicated air delivery system, the MK11/S560 is compact, user-friendly and affordable. The balanced diaphragm MK11, with its chrome-plated brass body specially designed to reduce size and weight, is an ideal travel companion. Its system features internal parts that are sealed from the elements. The full- featured S560 second stage, built with a rugged technopolymer case, is lightweight too, and also easy to use. Delivering consistent airflow, ease of use and dependability, this reg system is just the ticket for recreational divers in general, and dive travelers in particular.

Accessories: R095 Octopus and Standard Pressure Gauge