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Computer Nitrox Course


The Scuba Diving International (SDI) Computer Nitrox course is designed to introduce divers to alternative breathing mixes. Divers will be trained in the benefits, hazards and proper procedures for using nitrox mixes. The SDI Computer Nitrox Course is also available on-line for those who prefer to complete the course work at home and at their own pace. Please see Adventure Divers for more details.

What is Nitrox and why use it?
Nitrox is Enriched Air. The air surrounding you is made up of primarily 2 parts Nitrogen and Oxygen. Normal air has about 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% other trace gases. The typical method of making Nitrox is by increasing the percentage of oxygen from 22%-40% with normal air. You will see the term Enriched Air Nitrox used most often.

Divers use Nitrox to increase their bottom time and reduce the amount of nitrogen absorbed into their body. Less nitrogen means less chance of decompression sickness.


At the successful completion of the course you will receive a SDI Computer Nitrox Diver Certification card which is valid for life and recognized worldwide.


This is a lecture only course and is held at Adventure Divers' classroom located at the dive shop in the west end of Peterborough 7716 Hwy 7 (4 km south of Fowler's Corners between Lily Lake Road and Parkhill Road, 9 km north of Hwy 115).

Additional Details

Cancellation Policy:

All course fees are 100% non refundable. Course registration and all on-line codes are valid for one year from date of  issue / invoice.

In the unlikely event you have to reschedule your scheduled classroom session, schedule changes are allowed up to seven (7) days prior.  Within seven (7) days a rescheduling fee of $25.00 will be charged. Some exceptions may apply. 
Refunds will ONLY be made if a student withdraws from a course prior to the course start date due to medical reasons, substantiated by a signed medical certificate an administrative fee of $50.00 will apply. If a student withdraws from a course once the course has started no refunds are given – no exceptions.