About Us

Lucas Timmermans

SDI Divemaster

" Diving holds a unique place in my life. Coming from a rural background, my parents were speechless when I mentioned to them that I wanted to take scuba lessons. Sure enough, after earning enough money through my summer lawn business, I was ready to hit the water. This was a dream come true for a boy of sixteen! 
Ten years on, I have not looked back. Hard work and perseverance have given me the opportunity to undertake incredible dive adventures: in Canada and abroad. The breathtaking experience of diving in the most astonishing marine environments has reinforced my respect towards the fundamental forces that shape not only our oceans, but our entire planet!  
The outstanding staff at Adventure Divers have helped me tremendously with my diving pursuits. Their meticulous guidance has allowed me to develop into the experienced and confident diver I am now.  
With experience comes personal growth and opportunity. Years of dedication to the sport has encouraged me to pursue a diving career. In 2018, I joined the Adventure Diver team as a Divemaster. I aspire to become an Instructor in the near future.  
I look forward to sharing my passion with you! "