About Us

Kathy Johnston

SDI Divemaster

I had been snorkeling for a few years while on vacations and on one vacation in Tanzania we were snorkeling with dolphins and that was the moment I decided it would be better to be under the water then on surface. 

I started my diving course for Open Water in January 2012.  Following that training I continued my education, diving and training throughout Ontario and the Caribbean.  Diving has opened up some wonderful places for me including amazing underwater environments and a desire to learn and develop skills but also to teach and share with others so they are able to experience all that I have.  Diving has become a very important part of my life.  I strive to educate myself, improve my skills and help others to do the same.  With my instructors from Adventure Divers and friends in our dive community moving onto the SDI Divemaster Course was a very easy decision to make.  I successfully completed my Divemaster Course in September 2015.  I am now taking my SDI Instructor course through Adventure Divers and look forward to teaching lots of new divers.